Investment Projects and Business Development

MEGAPOLIZ is a joint project of Dest Group Ltd., a Toronto based company, and Helen Riabinin, a licensed Canadian Real Estate Broker. We have consolidated our knowledge, experience and innovative approach to help individual investors engage in large-scale, profitable investment projects, such as development of retreats and resorts.

Dest Group Ltd. is a consulting company founded in 1995 in Toronto (Canada). It specializes in the development and implementation of investment projects, assistance in business development, as well as marketing and advertising. For over two decades we have been working with investors and entrepreneurs who immigrated to Canada through investment programs. We helped them create and develop their businesses.

Based on our experience and expert knowledge, we have prepared a detailed training course Papiruz for the future owners of small hotels and resorts, that we sell online.

Real Estate Broker Helen Riabinin is a veteran of Canadian Real Estate industry with many awards and achievements, who is specializing in working with investment properties around the world. She is an acknowledged expert in dealing with international clients and overseas properties.

She is also passionate about fitness and health. Helen is an author of XITONIA, an effective anti-aging health system based on a unique approach to strengthening the immune system through a set of specific exercises, diet and psychological training. This system is the cornerstone of the concept of all resorts and retreats that we create.

As a result, we offer our clients a combined experience in different areas. This includes our history of working with foreign investors and working with overseas real estate, including resorts and retreats. In addition, we have always strived to stay ahead of current industry practices and standards, enabling us to succeed where others have failed.

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